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Sage Wealth does not provide specific investment decision advice (eg. specific stocks, bonds etc.) For the majority of investors we advocate a very diversified and low cost investment strategy typically using low cost exchange traded funds.  We make recommendations on asset class allocations based on an individualized risk assessment. We also provide decision support to do-it-yourself investors who want to be more involved and make their own investing decisions.

Some investors are strongly focused on income for a variety of reasons such as needing an income stream in retirement or other cash flow needs, while still wanting returns that are derived from a portfolio with equity weightings. Sage Wealth offers support through research assistance, information gathering and other services as directed by the client. At the same time, Sage Wealth has developed its own income portfolio based on a proprietary model that focuses on income flow, inflation protection, and a level of risk that is below the general market.

In the near future, this page will provide information on investment selections made by Sage in building an example portfolio and the changes that are made over time.  This information is not intended to offer investment advice on specific investments or individual investments security selection.  It is intended for educational and example purposes only.