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Sage Wealth Advisors is an independent advisory firm that does not receive commissions for promoting and selling individual securities, mutual funds, or other products.  This allows us to work with you in developing financial plans and strategies that are best for you – without bias.

Sage Wealth provides value through:

  • Individually Focused Planning: Each client of Sage is considered Unique. Others may say that, but we do not use cookie-cutter plans or a small group of strategies. Each client’s plan is personally tailored for their circumstances and to meet their needs.
  • Integrated Services: Financial plans need to integrate many financial components of your life. Sage has the knowledge and experience to help you do just that.  Whether financial planning, tax planning, investment management or even integration of your business finances, Sage has the experience to help bring it all together and provide you with confidence in your plans for the future
  • Support Tailored to You: As little or as much help as you need and desire, Sage is flexible in the planning and assistance that can be provided. Whether you need a full plan and ongoing support, or just advice on a few key financial planning issues, Sage can assist you in making those important decisions.
  • Breadth and depth of experience in areas of financial planning, personal finance, and tax planning and preparation.

Sage Wealth provides a "personal CFO" experience.  We are there to help review and analyze your current situation and provide sound recommendations for your consideration and decision.  If desired, we also support ongoing implementation and adjustments to your plan. Sage can provide services to:

  • Assist in plan implementation.
  • Conduct regular reviews of the results of your actions towards meeting your goals.
  • Update and modify recommendations and your plan to suit changing needs and conditions.
  • Perform regular investment reviews or one-off investment "health checks".

As we do not collect commissions for selling products, Sage Wealth earns fees directly from clients.  This is done typically in one of two ways.  The first method is a directly billed fee for services, one-time or ongoing.  Fees are negotiated up-front before you make any commitments. This type of fee is used most often in one-time, financial plan development services.  The second method of fee billing, which is used more typically in ongoing financial service arrangements is a fee based on client assets or asset value.  In either case, our fees are almost always well below fees for simply parking funds in mutual funds that deduct high trailing commissions.  Many of our new clients were not even aware of the fees they were paying and are now saving money while receiving more services.  The method and level of fee billing is flexible and can be tailored to suite your situation.

Photo coming soon...Brent Quinton, CPA (CA), MBA, CFP®

Brent is the Principal and Senior Wealth Advisor for Sage Wealth Advisors. Brent has an extensive background in financial management, financial planning &budgeting, taxation, and strategy development.  With both the Chartered Professional Accountant and Certified Financial Planner designations, Brent is well qualified to provide you an integrated and individualized "personal CFO" experience.

Ready to Plan for Your Future?

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